TALK Electronics have been designing and building amplifiers since the early 90’s and have acquired a reputation for building highly musical devices, mainly but not exclusively based around lateral MOSFET output devices. We have been at the leading edge of circuit design often being amongst the first to get to market with important advances.

Our goal with these all new Mk 2 Edwards Audio series of amplifiers has always been to produce an amplifier that we would be happy to use ourselves.  One that represents the best value in it’s class, but most importantly one that plays music with realism, both rhythmically and tonally. We do not try to make it sound OK with everything, we believe that the amplifiers job is to faithfully reproduce what it is fed, as the saying goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’. Not everyone agrees with this position which in part is why reviews differ the world over for all products, we have to take the rough with the smooth, though in general we cannot complain as our review history and awards from across the globe are a testament to our achievements. We believe that when given a fair chance, with well produced source material our amplifiers will win through.

Current models include:

Edwards Audio IA1 Integrated Amplifier
Edwards Audio IA1-R Integrated Amplifier
Edwards Audio IA2-R Integrated Amplifier
Edwards Audio IA3-R Integrated Amplifier