IA7 Signature

In keeping with our Signature speakers the IA7 Signature is an IA7 pushed to its limits with two 350VA transformers resulting in a 100W output with high current reserves for even the most demanding of speaker loads.

It has a similar family feel cosmetically to its cousins with a back lit blue LED, laser cut acrylic front panel display with a 12mm thick custom machined outer frame.

With no buttons on the front it gives an uncluttered feel to the amplifier. The smooth turning controls for the volume and input selection are via 40mm dia turned aluminium control knobs, which have a black anodised bead blasted finish.

It has a total of 5 inputs: 4 of which are line-in, including a single paid of outputs for recording purposes, and one is an OPTIONAL RIAA MM board for use with MM cartridges like our C200. The IA7 Signature also incorporates a pre-amp output for use in active or multi-amp systems. A 3.5mm auxilliary jack is also included for other sources.

The IA7 signature makes an ideal partner with our all new SP7 Signature floor standing loudspeakers, and equally the all new forthcoming TT7 turntable when plugged directly into the OPTIONAL internal custom designed RIAA MM input board. This uses the better version of this RIAA phono board. This makes for a very well balanced and solid musical system who’s performance is simply stunning.