TALK Cables

TALK Electronics was created  from the highly successful Cable Talk brand back in the 90’s and we thought that after all this time it was due for a revival.

It has not gone unnoticed that Cable Talk was started in 1990, at the bottom of a recession, when the market place had just undergone huge changes and had an uncertain future, not dissimilar to the current state of the world market place.  Who knows if CD will even exist in 5 years time, or if we will all be forced into some sort of streaming solution or MP3 type device?

At a time when a lot seem to be returning to Vinyl as a safe haven of known performance we are looking to our roots by way of reinforcing our company ethos of offering  high performance products without the high price tags and without resorting to offshore manufacturing. It can be done here, it just requires a little more effort!!!

The results of this are a new range of TALK Cables all of which are designed and manufactured here in the UK.


First up is our all new TALK 3 speaker cable, a spaced pair of 2.5sq mm OFC copper cores which have been insulated with a thin layer of our own proprietary material we call ‘TALK Flex’. These are then placed into a dark green PCV jacket for protection from pulling and scraping during installation. This is available ‘off the reel’ for only £4 per metre which is a 1/3rd saving over the current class leading cable and we believe that in many systems will easily outperform it.

WHF 5 stars

“At 60% cheaper than the class leader, this is an essential first upgrade”
WHF, May 2011

Coming soon is the matching interconnect, the Monitor, at £65 per 1m pair. More products are being added to the range over the next 12 months.